Find the Capital Gains in BC’s LNG Build-Out

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Vancouver, BC – Pan Pacific Hotel


Chris Theal : "Canada -- Finding a Niche in Global LNG"


Keith Schaefer: "Why is LNG Important Globally?"


Nathan Weiss : "The Unit Economics of LNG Exports"


LNG in BC : "Large vs. Small Scale Development"




Keynote Speakers


Chris Theal, Founder/CEO of Kootenay Capital Management

Mr. Theal manages Kootenay’s Global Energy Absolute Return Fund, which launched in July 2011. His extensive background in Canada’s oil and gas market started at CIBC Wood Gundy as an analyst, and then as a founder of Tristone Capital – a global energy investment boutique in Calgary, and most recently as Global Coordinator, Oil & Gas Research, at Macquarie Securities.

Nathan Weiss, CEO of Unit Economics

Nathan Weiss is the CEO of Unit Economics, a Boston-based independent research firm. His firm provides institutional investors with insightful research on small and mid-cap equity securities. I’ve been lucky to know Nathan personally for a couple years now—through our mutual interest in the global LNG market.

His innovative investment approach focuses on the ‘Unit Economics’ of the industries and the US listed companies he analyzes.  And after four years of in-depth research on the LNG market trends and US listed public company players, he is able to tell us the detailed statistics—from an independent point of view—on what the economics are for LNG exports.


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